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"Hyderabad—India, 2008."

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Things I Ponder: The Universe

The universe is just a tool. It’s a created thing by God that functions in a specific way. Understanding how it functions leads to the understanding of how to exist in relation to it, and how to perhaps even use it to your benefit - but it is not to be worshipped. It’s existence is to be celebrated, but the God that created it is who’s to be worshipped. And God in all of His infinite wisdom has the ability to teach us about this universe we are in, practically… ask George Washington Carver.

You’re protons and neutrons just like me…just like air. Everything is mostly space. There are various densities of space that limit the ability of other densities to pass through, but we are all mostly space none the less; tiny atoms forming molecules vibrating so close to one another so fast that it creates the illusion of solid mass -  space defines us as we define it, if not more so. 

I believe there is significance in numbers and shapes. I believe there are various frequencies of energies that we operate in and should learn how to shift through. But I believe God is who created those energies, and he isn’t against us understanding it and utilizing that understanding, He is against us abusing that understanding, and perverting that understanding by worshipping the universe itself, as opposed to the greater unit that created it. 


Vogue US: January 2014.

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"Beyoncé" Album SVA Screening NY,NY
December 2013
Photographed by Rob Hoffman

Brooklyn, New York December 2013
Photographed by Robin Harper

Brooklyn, New York December 2013
Photographed by Robin Harper